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We've competed at elite level in professional sports, training & competing for more than 30 years combined. We are passionate about what we do, and we enjoy working with committed clients who really want to reach their goals, whether that is in elite sports or a personal fitness goal. The training principles and methodology we use are based on many years of full time training as professional athletes. This experience gives us the vision to design the most efficient and comprehensive personal plan for you to reach your goals for every fitness level, from beginners to winners!

What We Do

Personal Training
We offer a truly bespoke and comprehensive personal training service for all fitness levels, aside from the personal training sessions we provide all our PT clients with ongoing support, nutritional guidance, and more. We have a wealth of experience between us and when we take on a personal training client, we give our all to make sure you achieve your goals!
Train With Me
Super busy with kids, work, study and life in general? We get it therefore have created an online training program that will not only fit into your busy schedule but also get you results.
Online PT
Just like our personal training service, Perkins Training offers online personal training clients a truly bespoke and comprehensive personalised service for all fitness levels. Programs and Nutritional Guidance are built specifically to your requirements, needs and ability. We aim to provide ongoing lifestyle coaching education and support to maximise your results.

ICN National Sports Model Champion 2021 & Pro Card Athlete

Kristine Perkins

Our Commitment to you

All of our clients want to get into the best shape they can be and be healthy. This fact is quite obvious, however, most of our clients are not preparing for a competition, but it is still essential to have short, medium and long term goals.

Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve those goals, and it is essential to understand that in most cases there needs to be a permanent change in lifestyle in order to get there, and consistency going forward to keep progressing or maintaining.

It's a misconception to think you can do a few PT sessions a week, eat whatever you like and get in shape. That's why we provide support and guidance. We encourage all our clients to take control of their training and nutrition and understand the facts on what it takes to get the results they are looking for.

What's Included in our training?

What's included in our training?

Perkins Training is a personalised service. We build a personalised training program and provide nutritional guidance to suit your specific requirements, needs and ability while also giving you the tools you need to absolutely maximise your results.

What form of communication do you use?

What form of communication do you use?

Our communication including weekly check ins for Personal Training and Online Personal Training Clients is streamlined through our App. 
The App gives you the ability to comment on each workout to provide feedback to us and also includes In-app messaging between Client and Coach.
What do you mean by nutritional guidance?

What do you mean by nutritional guidance?

We don't do meal plans. We focus on skill development and principles around nutritional approaches, allowing you to make flexible choices. Education is provided to help you make your own flexible choices towards your goals.
What equipment do I need to start training with you?

What equipment do I need to start training with you?

To maximise your results, we recommend having:

Access to a gym or a variety of equipment suitable for your goal.
-Smart watch/device to track your progress such as steps and sleep. Apple, Garmin and Fitbit are all compatible with our App for instant tracking.
- Food scale to measure nutritional servings to provide long term education around portioning.
- Food tracking App, MyFitnessPal is also compatible with our App.
What happens after I sign up?

What happens after I sign up?

Personal Training and Online Personal Training Clients will receive an initial consultation form to complete. Once received back, we will review and make contact if we require further information to design your plan. You will receive details to download and create a log in for our App. You will receive your training plan in the App within 7-10 days unless otherwise agreed with your Coach. Training cycles typically start on a Monday.

Train With Me Clients will receive details to download our App and start training instantly.
What is the minimum coaching period?

What is the minimum coaching period?

Goals and results take time to achieve which is why we require Personal Training and Online Personal Training Clients to make a minimum investment of 12 weeks. To solidify these results, we assume you will be working with us long term therefore after the initial 12 weeks, you have an option to continue training with us on a monthly billing cycle. 
The minimum investment for Train With Me Clients is 4 weeks however we recommend committing to the program for a minimum of 12 weeks for better results. 

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If you have any questions please send us a message with your enquiry.

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